Kickboxing & Energizing Total Body Fitness Conditioning Work Out Classes:

Take charge of your day:

Your Total Body Energizing Kickboxing, Conditioning, and Truly Fabulous Fitness Workout is Right Here.

Be faster, quicker, and more alert in everything that you do.

Feel the Energy.
Fire Up.

Kick, Punch, and Strike right through the calories for outstanding cardio fitness.

Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 1
Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 2
Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 3

Move your body and feel the Adrenaline Rush of this Phenomenal Interactive Cardio workout.

Work your Core.  Activate your Responses.   Electrify your Focus.   Firm your muscles.

This highly motivational Kickboxing & Total Body Fitness Conditioning Workout will:

  • Build Your Strength
  • Invigorate Your Agility
  • Improve Your Coordination
  • Inspire Your Balance
  • Get You Toned
  • Increase Your Flexibility
  • Boost Your Stamina

Bring yourself to the next Level.

All Fitness Levels of students are welcome.  From the most advanced, to the beginner, we adjust the workout to you. You are the most important.

For an overall exceptional fitness experience, Our Expert Black Belt Master Instructors will train you in the real, and most effective way, to Kick, Strike, and Punch.

Our Expert Black Belt Master Instructors will guide your through series of activating, and electrifying, exercises and techniques.

This empowering total body workout incorporates the expertly taught martial arts training, fighting, and fitness techniques of Shotokan Karate, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, and Boxing.

This high-energy training class focuses on the entire body by combining interval athletic aerobic movements with strength & stabilization exercises. These combinations will burn fat, build strength and ramp up your metabolism.

Sculpt your body.

These are pictures of real people, our actual students, not models, with genuine results.

They came to us as beginners, and now look what they can do!

We can teach you. We can train you. You can do it too.

We work together, and encourage each other.

We have Camaraderie. We have Teamwork.

We welcome all levels and all abilities.

Rock Hard Abs and Toned muscles. A fabulous overall work out for optimum results.

We will teach you how to breathe to extend your workout

We will increase your muscle memory.

We will heighten your action time.

We will amplify your reaction time.

Be strong, increase your balance, focus, and energy.

Our Black Belt Master Instructors will have you more fit, flexible and energized than ever before.

Leaner, Trimmer, Stronger, with increased Stamina and flexibility.

Burn through the calories.

You will experience the fat burning benefits of cardio interval training  and the muscle building rewards of core building resistance training.

Our expert instructors motivate everyone towards their fitness goals. No matter the your fitness level, you will be thrilled with your increased stamina, flexibility, responses, and overall increased energy. 



Reward yourself.

Be Inspired.

Be the Best.

Be Strong.

Be Fit.

Feel Great!

Work Out & Be Happy!

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We are True:

True of Heart

True of Spirit

and Truly here to enrich our students.