& Special Needs Adaptive Karate Classes

If you are seeking the very best Family Karate Classes, your search is over!
If you are seeking the very best Special Adaptive Needs Karate Classes, your search is over!

True ChampionZ Family Karate Classes are a rewarding bonding experience for you and your family. Parents, Children, and siblings inspire each other in our dynamic energizing classes. Strengthen your bodies, minds and spirits together.

Our Family Shotokan Karate Classes &
our Adaptive Special Needs Karate Classes,
are open to students 4 – 65+ years old.

  • Families love our classes. Our classes are engaging, fun, and taught by true Sensei’s who are experienced, dedicated, and enthusiastic.
Families love our classes. Our classes are structured, supportive, and are taught by educated Senseis who truly wish the best for their students.
Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 1
Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 2


Shotokan Karate Teen and Adult Class 3


Our students have wonderful camaraderie and enjoy training together

We encourage awareness of one’s environment, and importantly, recognition of when and how to disengage from a conflict.

We believe that it is important for everyone to have the confidence of being able to defend themselves for their physical safety and emotional well-being.

Shotokan Karate will improve your motor skills, flexibility, balance and fitness.  As you focus and commit yourself to mastering techniques and progressing through the belt ranks, you also gain a high level of discipline, respect for self and others, and self-confidence.

We encourage all of our students, regardless of age, to achieve their full potential.

True ChampionZ Shotokan Karate Classes are specifically designed to increase your:

  • Focus
  • Physical Fitness
  • Balance
  • Agility
  • Coordination
  • Self-Confidence
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Responsiveness
  • Self-Control
  • Flexibility
  • Patience
  • Alertness & Muscle Memory

At TrueChampionZ, we teach the values of Shotokan Karate

Respect, Team Work, Self Control, Kindness, & Work Ethic.

Our Karate classes are the Best because they are taught by the Best! Sensei Vladimir Zolottev has earned over 46 awards and distinctions, and continues to earn accolades.

Our Students are our True Champions

We provide an encouraging structured atmosphere that inspires our families to work toward goals and be motivated by challenges.

We teach safe and controlled ways to positively disperse any aggression that they may encounter.

We instruct the proper uses, and protective uses, of defensive techniques.

We are a team, a club, & a competitive sport

We promote a positive team atmosphere.

Our students work together, help each other, and cheer each other on.

We teach that team mates, can both work together, and compete with each other.

We teach competition for strength and perseverance.

We teach good sportsmanship for life.

Fit Mind & Fit Body: We Improve Fitness Levels, Alertness, and Success in all Sports

True ChampionZ training improves response time, stability, and spatial awareness.

Predict & Benefit: Our students learn to predict their opponent’s movements, and respond with the most beneficial actions.

Evade, Counter & Win: Our students learn self-defensive evasiveness and counters, which are integral parts of protecting themselves, and winning, in any competition.

Integrated Agility Exercises:  Our training practices create muscle memories which enable split-second reactions.

Attentive Active Thinking:  Our dynamic exercises improve attention and focus in active fast moving situations.

Activated Adrenaline Workout: Our Sparring training is a superior way to increase your stamina and physical responses. Sparring against real opponents increases your physical fitness work-out by energizing your mind and activating your physical adrenal responses.

Success in Academics, Work Place, and Leadership

Participation in our Martial Arts Classes enhances the fundamentals of Leadership, Work Place, and Academic success.

We teach children that working hard toward a goal is meaningful and beneficial.

We encourage each student to perform well in school, and we reward their positive academic efforts.

We promote leadership skills, and encourage our students to come forward and lead the class.

Shotokan Karate Benefits You, Your Children, and Your Family

Shotokan Karate is a respected traditional form of Japanese Karate that is recognized throughout the world.

Shotokan Karate is an Art that you can take with them throughout their life.

Shotokan Karate doesn't have an age limit, or ability limit, and the training continually builds on itself.

Shotokan Karate is charismatic sport, and a superior compliment to all other sports.

Shotokan Karate is a competitive sport, and we prepare our students for competition.

Shotokan Karate is an Art that is value oriented, spiritual, and physical.

Any where you go, any time in your life, you can practice Shotokan Karate.

TrueChampionZ Benefits You, Your Children, and Your Family

Our Students are our Priority: that is why we only award Belts that have merit.

We value our students’ enthusiasm, and effort.

We successfully shape our students’ energy and hard work into true belt worthy techniques.

Our Senseis are recognized by multiple Shotokan Karate Federations and Associations:

therefore our students’ belts are recognized throughout the world.

Our students’ accomplishments are a source of pride and valuable to all of us.

Our students know the difference, and are so very proud when they achieve their belt goals.

Family Shotokan Karate Classes: Ages 5yrs - 65+

We are True: True of Heart, True of Spirit, and Truly here to enrich our students.