Martial Arts Master Instructor Sensei Vladimir Zolottev, and the superb True ChampionZ Martial Arts Westchester Krav Maga staff, are honored to welcome you to the absolute best!

About Us

Sensei Vladimir Zolottev is an exceptional Shotokan Karate Black Belt Master, and is the United States Representative to the Shotokan Karate-Do of the United Nations.

Sensei Vladimir Zolottev is an extraordinary Krav Maga Israeli Self-Defense Black Belt Master, and is the only Krav Maga Federation Certified Instructor, and holds the
only Accredited Krav Maga Federation School in Westchester County, New York.

 At True ChampionZ Martial Arts Westchester Krav Maga, we are a dedicated to providing exceptional training in:

  • True Traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate.
  • True Authentic Krav Maga Israeli Self-Defense
  • Energizing Kick Boxing Fitness & Conditioning

Our Students are our Priority:
Our goals are to inspire, motivate, invigorate, strengthen, and cultivate, the best in all of us.

Family, Community and Team Work are values that we hold dear and true.
As a family organization, we are honored to share our expertise and experience with our community.

Sensei Vladimir is honored and proud to share his highly trained skills and intuitive understandings of teaching Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga, and Kickboxing Fitness Conditioning, with all of us.

Sensei Vladimir has been training, teaching, and successfully competing in Martial Arts for more than 20 years. A holder of over 47 awards and distinctions, Sensei Vladimir continues to train and compete so that he can consistently offer the highest level of expertise and knowledge to our community.

A Martial Arts Master Instructor, Sensei Vladimir Zolottev has dedicated his life to elevating the practice, and the teaching, of martial arts.

"The Arts of Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga were not designed for aggressive purposes. An essential philosophy of Shotokan Karate and Krav Maga is that a person will be so proficient and accomplished, that they will never need to hurt anyone.

"We train with fundamental understandings of what and why we practice:

 ‘The purpose of practicing Karate is to change or mold the character of its practitioner.’ (Master Gichin Funakoshi, founder of Shotokan Karate).

‘The Art of Krav Maga was designed for self preservation.’ (Master Rhon Mizrachi, Krav Maga Federation).

We endeavor to continue to be the best by honoring and respecting the traditions and teachings of remarkable individuals in Shotokan Karate, Krav Maga and the Martial Arts.

We also really enjoy training together, and have a lot of camaraderie and fun in our classes.

We invite you to come in, and visit us, and be a part of our happy True ChampionZ Martial Arts Westchester Krav Maga family.”

Sensei Vladimir Zolottev

Sensei Vladimir Zolottev with Shihan Aurel Patru, President of the Shotokan Karate-Do of the United Nations (S.K.D.U.N.)

Krav Maga Federation Grandmaster Rhon Mizrachi with Krav Maga Instructors Vladimir Zolottev, David Weintraub, and Juan Berrios.
Tournament Grand Champion Sensei Vladimir Zolottev with Saito Sensei Chief Instructor of Japan Karate-Do International, and Dr. Drew Kreegel.

True ChampionZ Martial Arts Westchester Krav Maga is a Certified member of the Krav Maga Federation, the Shotokan Karate-Do of the United Nations (S.K.D.U.N), and Japan Karate-Do International. In addition, Sensei Vladimir Zolottev is a member of the Romanian National Karate Team, a Certified Krav Maga Federation Instructor, and a World Cup Karate Champion.

We are True:
True of Heart
True of Spirit
and Truly here to enrich our students.